The Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) uses this policy to administer the information, material and sponsorship appearing on the domain website

1. Disclaimer: ACAA makes every effort to ensure the currency, accuracy and appropriateness of the information appearing on the website. However, ACAA accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses perceived or real in the use of the information appearing on the website. The onus is on those accessing this website to verify the accuracy from the appropriate source. This disclaimer of any responsibility or liability extends to any Officer of ACAA, Member or Web Page Editor.

2. Access Consultant Accredited Directory contains a list of current financial members who have demonstrated to have 6 years experience as a practicing consultant & or in approved training. ACAA accepts no responsibility for the selection, engagement or work undertaken by any accredited member. The onus is on those requiring the services of an Access Consultant to verify for themselves the suitability of the member for the work required.

3. ACAA is open to offers of website sponsorship. Exception to sponsorship are:

3.1 ACAA members are not permitted to advertise, or promote their services as an Access Consultant in direct or indirect competition with other members.

3.2 Members with any vested interest in any company, business or organisation considered for sponsorship on this website must disclose any conflict of interest be that monetary or otherwise.

3.3 Any company, business or organisations opposed to the ACAA Objectives, or not considered appropriate by the Management Committee.

3.4 The Management Committee reserves the right to review each application on merit and will not enter into any other negotiations should an application for sponsorship be rejected.

3.5 ACAA respects privacy and is committed to complying with the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988. Our website privacy policy explains how we handle information collected online. For more information about how ACAA handles personal information collected on or offline, and information about how you can seek access to the personal information which ACAA holds about you, see the ACAA Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy.

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This document was last updated 21.01.2010