Office Ergonomics: A moving issue

Office Ergonomics: A moving issue

Office Ergonomics: A moving issue

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Ergonomics is the study of people and how we interact with elements in the world around us; simply put, it is focused on fitting the task to the human. The increasing availability of adjustability and flexibility in our workplaces, spaces, facilities, and apparatus used to perform work makes this somewhat easier, yet in order to reap the benefits, we need to understand basic human biomechanics and the dichotomy of human ‘sameness’ in consideration of ‘inherent individuality’.

The point of difference of this presentation will be to ensure you question the benefit of the bland ergonomic workstation checklist, designed to fit the human to the task. The presentation goal is to raise awareness of the benefit of carefully considered workstation ergonomics by enhancing your understanding of the foundation principles of workstation set-up.  This will be achieved by underpinning the key principles in a practical and commonsensical way.  At the end of the presentation, you will be better equipped to manipulate elements in the environment and ‘fit the task to the human’, which will, in turn, foster a culture of inclusivity and physical well-being in your workplace(s).

Content includes:

  • Sitting Workstation Set Up
  • Standing Workstation Set Up
  • Sitting versus Standing
  • An Alternative
  • Staying Healthy At Work
  • Workspace Basics and Mobile Work

About the Speaker

Dani Polita

Dani Polita

Director/Occupational Therapist

Daniella owns and operates Elevate OT Services, providing clinical occupational therapy services in Southern Tasmania and the Tas Ergonomic Collaborative, providing ergonomic assessment and consultancy to many state government departments as well as private organizations across Tasmania.

As an Occupational Therapist, Daniella has experience delivering predominantly clinical occupational therapy to an adult population.  The most significant clinical client groups have been individuals with acquired neurological conditions such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative conditions. Daniella has also worked with clients who experience complex Orthopaedic issues, commencing her career working in amputee rehabilitation but having had significant exposure to individuals diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, and spinal atrophy, as well as people of size.  Over the last 10 years, throughout the course of owning and managing her own private practice, Daniella has concurrently developed knowledge and experience in the field of Ergonomics and workplace rehabilitation, noting that this understanding of Ergonomics and Human Factors overlaps all fields of clinical practice.

Daniella has also obtained a Masters in Business Administration with a technology management focus in a joint APESMA and La Trobe University initiative, a postgraduate certificate in occupational health safety and ergonomics from La Trobe University and a postgraduate diploma in design thinking and innovation that was a collaboration between MIT, Sloan & Tuck business schools in the United States. Daniella is currently completing her Diploma of Access Consulting and intends to marry her knowledge and experience in Ergonomics and Human Factors with her new venture into Access Consulting, believing that these two areas can, and should be, symbiotic.

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