CPD: Universal Design

CPD: Universal Design

CPD: Universal Design

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While we have all heard the term “universal design”, and many government organisations have adopted the concept in their policy development, what is it and where did it come from?

This session will look at the origins of universal design, the evolution of universal design, how it can be applied to the design and construction of the built environment, and why it is different to “accessibility”.



About the Speaker

Lindsay Perry

Lindsay Perry

Director, Lindsay Perry Access

Lindsay Perry Access is a boutique consulting firm offering access consulting services throughout Australia. Based in Newcastle NSW, Lindsay has a good understanding of regional areas and the challenges of achieving accessible environments.

Lindsay has over twenty years experience as an access consultant. She has worked on a wide range of projects that include commercial, aged care, seniors living, healthcare, hospitality, education and retail at the state, national and international level. Her interest in accessibility issues started while at university studying architecture and most projects she has worked on throughout her career have concerned access for persons with a disability. She is an accredited access consultant, registered architect and holds a Master of Disability Studies. These qualifications offer a sound basis to provide advice regarding access to premises for persons with a disability.

Lindsay is committed to ensuring that accessible environments are created that will improve the quality of life for the community as a whole, considering a wide range of disabilities in her work. She has a strong understanding of access legislation and her background as an architect brings the construction knowledge to liaise with other industry professionals, Councils and developers.

Lindsay offers the following services:

Access Consulting – audits, reports, site inspections, advice, expert witness.

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