CPD: Accessible Emergency Egress

CPD: Accessible Emergency Egress

CPD: Accessible Emergency Egress

About Event

ACA would like to invite you to Accessible Emergency Egress with Bruce Bromley from Equal Access Group Pty Ltd

Emergency Evacuation is a high priority for ALL people. With the ever-increasing likelihood of accidents, fires, flooding and terrorism, emergency evacuation plans need to incorporate all levels of staff abilities.

  • What happens with a staff member that has a disability in an emergency?
  • How do you assist people of differing needs to ESCAPE?
  • Who is responsible for helping staff in an emergency evacuation, including visiting individuals?

In this session, we will look at strategies that address the life safety risk people with disability face in the built environment and examine strategies for both the workplace and home.

About the Speaker

Bruce Bromley

Bruce has over 32 years of experience in disability access, architectural design, documentation & project management

He formed Equal Access Pty Ltd in 2006 in response to growing recognition, that whilst businesses were being urged to respond to their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act, the majority of assistance available was focused almost entirely upon the needs of the individual with a disability without an understanding of the impacts and practicalities for building owners, managers and consultants.

Bruce also specialises in evacuation procedures and policy for people with a disability and is a member of the Standards Australia development committee FP-017 Emergency Management Planning – Facilities (AS3745)

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