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Greg Clark has 45 years’ experience in the NT and SA building industry, commencing as a self-certified Plumber, and moving to management roles in NTG and the private industry. Greg has resided in Darwin for 20 years, working with NTG Infrastructure where his interest in access consulting developed. Greg holds a Diploma of Access Consulting and is an 2 (696) of the ACAA. Greg is a strong advocate for accessibility requirements to be implemented in the NT for public buildings and the surrounds. Greg, Managing Director and Principal Access Consultant, and Cheryl Clark, Director established AccessAble Living Solutions Pty Ltd in 2021. Cheryl holds a Diploma of Access Consulting and Bsc. Science: Health Science. AccessAble Living Solutions provides access consulting and auditing serVictoriaes, including ace=cess design adVictoriae and performance solutions, Government and private project management, and is a registered NDIS home modification project manager.

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