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Haptic Space

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Haptic Space is an Architectural and Access Consulting practice established in 2018 by Belinda Seale. The practice is committed to design and delivery of enabling, healthy and regenerative residential and community environments for people with a variety of abilities. We collaborate closely with clients and communities to co-create unique environments which respond to both individual and collective requirements as well as to place and environment. We bring curiosity, expertise and creativity to the table to work with you. Belinda is an experienced access consultant having co-authored universal design and access guidelines for several large organisations as well as conducting many audits of designs, documentation and built works, and developing accessible design solutions. Haptic Space offers full Architectural and Access Consulting services, including: • Briefing & User Group Consultation; • Universal & Therapeutic Design advice; • Accessibility Auditing and Design advice; • Feasibility Studies and Master planning; • Concept Design; • Design Development; • Development Approval applications; • Contract Documentation; • Contract Administration, and • Post Occupancy Evaluation.




Aged Care, Hearing, Manipulatory, Mental Illness, Mobility Impairment, Other, Physical, Speech, Vision

Adaptable and Universal Housing, Advisory, Aged care facilities/seniors housing, Architecture, Auditing, Design, Government and institutional facilities, Health and medical facilities, National parks, Residential