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Cheung Access Pty Ltd t/a Inclusive Places

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Christine is an accredited access consultant, with over 25 years experience providing access for all building types across Australia from commercial fit outs to residential developments and hospitals. Christine is also a trained occupational therapist whose inspiration comes from people of all ages and abilities and helps them instinctively find ways to adapt to the world around them. She is fascinated by how good design can make all the difference in creating healthier lives and communities. She believes that while the end result is important, the journey forms an integral part of delivering a successful project so that costly construction mistakes are avoided.

New South Wales

New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania

New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria

Aged Care, Hearing, Manipulatory, Mental Illness, Mobility Impairment, Physical, Vision

Adaptable and Universal Housing, Advisory, Aged care facilities/seniors housing, Alternative print formats and Braille services, Auditing, Commercial, Design, Educational facilities, Health and medical facilities, Landscaping/pedestrian accessways/street furniture, National parks, Orientation and Mobility (people with vision impairment), Playgrounds, Residential, Retail, Signage and wayfinding, Tactile ground surface indicators, Tourism and Recreational facilities/services/products, Training, Transport and infrastructure