Ian Riddle


With over two decades in the communication industry and formal training in Hearing Augmentation, Ian has developed a passion for bringing better hearing to everyone. Ian’s mother has a hearing loss; therefore, he fully understands the difficulty of communicating in noisy areas and over distance and how this can impact all aspects of an individual’s life.

Throughout the course of his employment, Ian saw many assistive hearing systems that were installed inappropriately or not functional. He recognized that so many people sold or installed assistive hearing technology with little understanding of why, which motivated Ian to start his company, Hearing Loop Australia over 10 years ago. At Hearing Loop Australia Ian has worked hard to create a team of people who understand hearing loss and its impacts. This results in the recommendation of assistive hearing solutions that are fit for purpose, thereby reducing wasted expenditure and supporting excellent outcomes for people who are hard of hearing.

Ian understands that technology changes, staff turnover and different levels of hearing loss can all impact the ongoing use of assistive hearing technology, so he constantly reviews his solutions and training to future-proof the product he supplies as much as possible.