Farah Madon

Director, Vista Access Architects

Farah is a passionate advocate for inclusion especially for people with disabilities. Farah is the lead author of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Design Standard.

Farah contributes on a number of Boards and Management Committees in relation to accessibility for people with disabilities including being:

  • Vice President of ACA (Access Consultants Association,
  • Member of the Australian Standards ME-064 Committee which is responsible for developing the Australian Standards related to Access for people with disabilities,
  • Community Representative member of Penrith City Council’s Access Committee,
  • Vice Chairperson of LHA (Livable Housing Australia),
  • Member of RAIA’s (Australian Institute of Architect’s) National Enabling Architecture Committee,
  • Member of NDIS SDA Reference Group

In 2019 Farah was awarded as the ‘Penrith Citizen of the Year’ and the ACA’s ‘Access Inclusion Award’. In 2021 she was awarded the ‘Australian Access Award’ by the Centre of Accessibility Australia for the SDA-Tools Educational App of the Year and awarded by Women with Altitude for ‘Excellence in Inclusion’.

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