Centre for Universal Design Aust LogoThe Centre for Universal Design has been established which aims to operationalise the concept of “inclusion by design” across design disciplines and policy development:

Vision: We live in a world that is socially and economically inclusive of all people.

Mission: To generate a grass roots movement that makes universal design part of everyday conversation and experience.

Goals: A centre for universal design in Australia will:

  • Bring diverse groups together for the common purpose of social and economic inclusion
  • Put Australia at the forefront of best practice in universal design
  • Gather and share knowledge and experience about designing universally

It is great to see several ACAA members have been appointed to the Board of CUDA.
The eight inaugural Directors of CUDA are:

  • Dr Phillippa Carnemolla, Industrial Designer and researcher in home modifications
  • Ms Joe Manton, Director, Institute of Access Training Australia
  • Dr Lisa Stafford, Research Fellow at the University of Queensland
  • Prof Philip Taylor, Director of Research, National Seniors Australia
  • Ms Queenie Tran, Architectural Designer and Access Consultant.
  • Sally Coddington, Director Curb Cut Effect
  • Nicholas Loder, Architect,
  • Jane Bringoff

You can show your support for the Centre by becoming a member for $25 annual fee. Go to http://universaldesignaustralia.net.au/