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Access everywhere - Manton, J and Connor, J.

This is a 32-part series of access awareness handbooks directed at businesses and organisations. Enquires about the book can be directed to Joe Manton from Access Audits Australia at info@accessinstitute.com.au

Advisory Notes on Access to Premises - Commonwealth Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, March, 1998

Accessible tourism in publicly available research reports by Associate Professor Simon Darcy

An occupational therapist's guide to home modification practice. Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Inc. Ainsworth, E & de Jonge, D. (2011).

Australian Institute of Architects National Access Work Group, "Access for All", Poster to commemorate the 30th anniversary of International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP) and the commencement of the Premises Standards 2010.

A dim view of pedestrian safety: Raising awareness of the needs of vision impaired pedestrians, Journal of the Australian College of Road Safety - Vol 23,No.3,2012,pp.45-50, Caroline Mapleston, OMI, Vision Australia.


Building Sight: A handbook of building and interior design solutions to include the needs of visually impaired people - National Centre for Ageing and Sensory Loss , circa 1997. Brighton Beach, Victoria, Australia. Available from Vision Australia Foundation, Kooyong, Victoria

(This publication is an Australian supplement to the UK book of the same name. The authors of the UK book are Peter Barker, Jon Barrick and Rod Watson. The UK book was published by the Royal National Institute for the Blind. The Australian supplement was developed by Murray Mountain.)


Changing Places - Transforming Lives, Information Kit

 'Cultural Life', Disability, Inclusion and Citizenship - Moving Beyond Leisure in Isolation, Edited by Simon Darcy, Jerome F. Singleton


Evacuation of People with Disability & Emergent Limitations: Considerations for Safer Buildings & Efficient Evacuations, by Lee Wilson


Improving Access to Heritage Buildings - Martin, Eric, 1999
Australian Council of National Trusts and the Australian Heritage Commission.

(Enquiries about the book can be directed to Eric Martin of Eric Martin and Associaties, at eric@emaa.com.au )


More Accessible Housing for Independent Living - A guide to designing and adapting dwellings for the aged and people with disabilities - Hunter R.A, 1992, South Gippsland Municipalities Human Services Committee.

(Enquiries about the book can be directed to Rod Hunter of Hunarch Consulting at info@hunarch.com.au )


New Housing Options For People with Significant Disability: Design Insights, published by the Summer Foundation, Oct 2015. The report provides insights into design based on our learnings from our housing demonstration projects in Abbotsford, Victoria and the Hunter region of NSW. The Summer Foundation is developing a small number of innovative housing and support projects to demonstrate a new and more inclusive housing option for people with significant disability. The Summer Foundation is committed to widely disseminating this knowledge to encourage other organisations to replicate the model. This will increase the range of housing options available for these young Australians and prevent admission into residential aged care facilities.


Right of Access - Villamanta Publishing, 1998, Australia
Available from Villamanta Publishing

Room 206 - Accommodating Travellers with Disabilities - Helen McAuley & Ngaire Whitehead, 4th Edition 1999, ACROD Ltd.


Sport and Recreation: Access for All - A guide to the design of accessible indoor and outdoor recreation and sporting facilities - Sport and Recreation Victoria, 1998, Villamanta Publishing, Australia

Summer Foundation - Building Better Lives. Publications on supportive accommodation, housing for young people in nursing homes, new housing options for people with significant disabilities, etc.

Survey Findings on accessible temporary toilets, Western Australia Government, Department of Health, March 2017