ACAA exists to:

Serve as the national professional association for access consultants and:

  • administer a national system for accreditation of members
  • administer national competency standards for accreditation of members
  • advise on the development of educational courses suitable for accreditation of members
  • promote the use of ACAA accredited access consultants
  • contribute to the continuing professional development of members
  • develop other membership services that will facilitate informed, skilled and responsible access practice.

Serve as a national association on built environmental accessibility for people with a disability and in relation to equity of accessibility, foster, influence and contribute to:

  • Government, industry and community policies, codes, regulations and practice
  • education and training of built environment designers and related practitioners
  • informed, skilled and responsible practice of access consultancy
  • research on built environmental accessibility and practice related to it
  • knowledge within government, industry and the community of accessibility and disability.