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Luminance Contrast Testing

Office Locations: Victoria

Part of the Equal Access Group Pty Ltd

The risks associated with failing to provide the required levels of luminance contrast to building elements is significant due to the likelihood of injury especially because of slips, trips and falls. All parties involved with the design, delivery and management of a building carry liability should an individual injure themselves.

Luminos Consulting was established in 2009 and the company specialises in conducting Luminance Contrast Tests. We have conducted these tests both on-site and in laboratories for various installations.

We were originally established out of a Disability Access Consultancy due to an increased demand for luminance contrast and increasing requirements of the complexities of the testing methodologies.

Luminos Consulting has provided services to many clients, from single operators to international companies. Within the disability access consulting industry, Luminos Consulting are considered the industry leader when it comes to conducting luminance contrast tests.

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