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The Accreditation Test is used by ACA to determine the suitability of candidates for Accredited Membership of the Association. It assesses a candidate’s ability to practice competently as an Access Consultant through an open-book, online test.

All applicants for Accredited Membership are required to undertake the Accreditation Test.

Prior to applying to upgrade to an Accredited Membership, it is suggested applicants try the Practice Accreditation Test. This test can be used to claim one CPD point as documented evidence as an Individual Activity.

A fee of $500 (GST included) applies for applying for an Accredited Membership, and a further $500 (GST included) for the Accreditation Test. These fees are based on cost recovery.

Candidates will be forwarded a link and password to the online test once payment has been made. The link is valid for 30 days and can only be opened once.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the test developed

The test was developed by the ACA Membership Committee and an external qualified trainer and assessor with more than 30 years of experience in this process. The test has been validated via qualified and accredited trainers and assessors under the auspices of a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation according to nationally recognised guidelines.

The questions and answers to the test have been validated by the ACA Membership Committee (consisting of four accredited and experienced access consultants), an independent research specialist and an independent and qualified trainer and assessor with extensive experience in testing validation processes. In addition, the test has been trialled with selected accredited and associate members of ACA.

Currently, three tests are available to ACA members to allow for situations where a candidate may need to resit the test if they are unsuccessful on their first attempt (see further information below).

Who administers the test

The test is administered by the Test Assessment Manager. The Test Assessment Manager is a Registered Training Organisation that has the authority to deliver nationally recognised Access Consulting Qualifications via its Scope of Registration.

The Test Assessment Manager is contracted by ACA to develop and administer the tests.

The Test Assessment Manager is currently the of Access Institute.

What areas of access consulting does the test cover?

The test includes questions relating to all areas of access consulting.

Whilst it is acknowledged that not all access consultants will work in all possible areas of access consulting work, the test has been designed to provide applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate a base level knowledge of all areas that would be expected of a person operating as a professional access consultant.

The test also includes questions relating to specific knowledge of key areas that would be expected to be known by all access consultants, regardless of their specific area of work or specialty.

The list of reference materials that can be used by candidates is a reflection of the scope of test question topics (see below).

What is the format of the test?

Multiple choice questions

The test is comprised of 90 multiple choice questions.

The multiple choice questions have only one correct answer. Test candidates are required to select one correct answer for each question from a range of answers provided.

The questions are clear and concise and may require the candidate to use research materials they are allowed to access during the test (see below).


The test also includes scenarios on which candidates will be asked to comment.

These will typically relate to interpretations of access standards and/or ‘on the job scenarios’ that require judgement, problem solving, decision making and reasoning skills.

There are a choice of scenarios offered for testing.

How long is the test?

Candidates have 2 hours to complete the test.

No discussion about any aspects of the test can be undertaken with any person once the testing process has commenced.

Time management

Candidates should allocate time effectively in order to answer all test questions appropriately.

As indicated above, there are 90 multiple choice questions. Some will take only a few seconds to answer and others may require some research. Overall, if candidates allocate approximately 90 minutes for the 90 questions of the multiple choice section, they will have 30 minutes to complete the 2 scenarios, as well as revise any multiple choice questions they may wish to check.

There is no ‘weighting’ applied to any specific questions, as it is expected that candidates will be able to appropriately answer all questions.

What are the expected test results?

Test candidates are required to gain an 85% pass rate for the ‘open – book’ multiple choice component of the test.

Candidates are also required to provide appropriate answers to the required ‘scenario’ questions.

Any candidate that is deemed to have been unsuccessful in the test will be provided with feedback from the Test Assessment Manager to assist them if they wish to resit the test at a later date (see below).

What reference materials can candidates use during the test?

Candidates are permitted to use reference materials in soft or hard copy. If candidates use reference materials on an iPad, electronic device or laptop computer, no internet access is permitted.

Candidates undertaking the online test will be required to sign a Statutory Declaration affirming that they have complied with the conditions of the test.

The Statutory Declaration will be forwarded to the candidate with the online test link.

Candidates should forward the signed Statutory Declaration to the Institute of Access Training Australia [email protected] or fax it to 03 9329 8035.

Candidates are encouraged to use the following reference materials:

  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 – (DDA)
  • Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 – (Premises Standards)
  • Guideline on the Application of the Premises Standards V2 February 2013
  • Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2010 – (DSAPT)
  • Disability Standards for Education 2005 – (Education Standards)
  • National Construction Code – Building Code of Australia 2011 or later – (BCA)
  • Liveable Housing Design Guidelines – Revision 2 May 2012 and National Dialogue on Universal Housing Design – Strategic Plan July 2010 – Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
  • AS 1428.1 2009 New building work
  • AS 1428.2 1992 Enhanced and additional requirements
  • AS/NZ 1428.4 .1 2009 Tactile ground surface indicators
  • AS1428.5 2010 Communication for people who are deaf or hearing impaired
  • AS/NZ 2890.6 2009 Parking Part 6: Facilities for off street parking
  • AS 1735.12 Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walks
  • AS 4299 1995 Adaptable Housing

Any amendments or supplements to those listed above.

Delivery options

Candidates can choose any of the three delivery options:

  • online,
  • face-to-face (written), or
  • verbal.

Note: Online Testing is the preferred method of delivering the test. Upon application, candidates with specific needs may request alternate methods of testing, e.g. face-to-face, verbal.

ACA retains the right to decide if face to face opportunities will be provided depending on the number of candidates and other cost factors.

Candidates must receive confirmation in writing from ACA to undertake the test verbally. The Assessment Manager will then make arrangements for testing with the candidate.

For each mode of delivery, no discussion about any aspects of the test can be undertaken with other candidates or the assessor once the testing process has commenced.

For face-to-face tests, candidates are not permitted to leave the test area once they have commenced or the test may be deemed invalid.

It is suggested that candidates complete the Multiple Choice section first. The pass mark is 85% for the Multiple Choice section.

If candidates do not achieve 80%, they are deemed Not Yet Competent, and there is no further opportunity to pass the test for at least 3 months. If candidates do achieve at least 80%, the Test Assessment Manager will contact them to provide an opportunity to correctly respond to incorrect answers.

The Test Assessment Manager may also contact candidates to ask them to elaborate on scenario responses. This may occur in instances where the Test Assessment Manager requires further information. If there is insufficient correct information in response to the scenarios, this opportunity will not occur.

Candidates may respond to the scenarios in dot point form.

Online test process

After booking and paying for the test, the Test Assessment Manager will contact forward you a link to access the test.

Time allowed: You can commence the test at any time but do not open the link to the test until you are ready to complete it. You cannot close the test and resume later.

From the date of the link being forwarded, you will have 4 weeks in which to complete the test.

Once you open the link, you will have 2 hours to complete the test (unless a different time has been agreed in discussion with the Test Assessment Manager).

There is a countdown clock in the corner of the screen once you open the test, and at the end of 2 hours, the program will cease to respond to your input.

Once you open the link, you will be required to enter your name and your email address.

You then click on Start Test. You will then see a screen advising you that once the test is commenced, you can click back and change answers and that you can leave questions unanswered. There is also a list of Resources and the Test Conditions.

You then click on Continue and the test clock will commence.

Try not to leave a question unanswered. If you do leave a question unanswered and intend to return later, write the question number down. Be aware that you can only click back through the questions one at a time, and this takes time.

At the end of the test you click on Finish and then Confirm Finish.

A score out of 93 will appear and a percentage figure. This represents the 90 Multiple Choice questions and the 2 Scenarios.

Note: at this stage, only the Multiple Choice questions have been assessed. The Assessment Manager will assess candidate responses to the scenarios.

Online Test queries and questions

Candidates who have a query about any question can discuss their concern after their result has been determined. Contact the Test Assessment Manager [email protected]

Online Test reference materials

You can, of course, access any of the reference materials suggested or any other resource you might choose to use (other than a person).

Your final results i.e. Competent or Not Yet Competent, will be forwarded to you by ACA.

Candidates undertaking the online test are reminded they will be required to sign a Statutory Declaration affirming that they have complied with the conditions of the test.

Tests will not be assessed until the signed Statutory Declaration is received.

Notification of completion

Once you have completed the test, you are required to send the Test Assessment Manager an email to [email protected] to advise you have completed the test. The Assessment Manager will check periodically, but in view of the fact that candidates have 4 weeks in which to complete the test, you will speed up the assessment process by forwarding notification of completion.

After being notified of the result, a candidate who wishes to discuss their test with the Assessment Manager, may contact him/her at [email protected]

What happens if a candidate is unsuccessful?

There are currently 3 different tests made available by ACA as part of the Accredited Membership assessment process. This allows for situations where an applicant has been unsuccessful on the first attempt and needs to undertake the test again.

Candidates who are unsuccessful will be permitted to resit the test within 12 months of their initial test but not within 3 months of their initial test. No additional testing fee will be charged to the candidate to resit the test within 12 months of their initial test.

Test results of unsuccessful candidates are confidential and are only reviewed by the ACA Membership Committee. They are not released to the ACA Committee of Management or any other parties.

What is the application process and cost?

  • Applications to sit the test in any of the three delivery modes must be made via the ACA website at
  • Any queries can be directed to the Office Administrator via email [email protected] or phone 03 5221 2820.
  • Candidates will be forwarded further details such as the test website address and password once arrangements have been made.
  • Candidates applying for Accredited Membership of ACA will be charged a $500 (GST included) fee for the Accrediation Test, plus the membership application fee $500 (GST included for Accredited Membership.
  • Fees must be paid to ACA as part of the application process. These fees – are based on cost recovery. Similar processes in other associations charge significantly higher rates.

Venue accessibility

ACA will attempt to utilise venues that are accessible, however audits of venues will not be undertaken. If candidates have particular requirements they are advised to contact the testing venue to determine if their needs can be met.

Candidates should advise the ACA Office Administrator [email protected] if they have any particular requirements specifically relating to undertaking the test.

Candidates will be forwarded further details of the exact venue where the test will be undertaken, once arrangements have been made.

How are candidates advised of their test results?

Candidates will be advised of their test results by the ACA Office Administrator.

Candidates who have undertaken the Accredited Membership Test should allow 4 weeks from the date they undertake the test to receive their test results.

Test results will not be provided to candidates by the Test Assessment Manager.

Is there a Right of Appeal if a candidate for Accreditation is unsuccessful?

Any applicant who is not satisfied with the result of their Accredited Membership application has a right of appeal by writing to the ACA Committee of Management outlining their reasons for dissatisfaction and detailing why they should be reconsidered for Accredited Membership.

All correspondence should be directed to the ACA Office Administrator [email protected]. Candidates should not directly approach individual ACA Committee of Management members regarding an appeal for Accredited Membership.

Further questions

If you have any further questions please contact the ACA Office Administrator [email protected]