This article is to assist facility owners, managers and/or operators, who are seeking to engage a consultant to prepare a report on accessibility for a particular premises, in appreciating the range in depths of analysis possible.

The document Categories of Assessments for Accessibility is offered by the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia (ACAA) to assist their members' clients to have a better understanding of what scope of work is preferred, or considered most appropriate, in order to achieve their particular objectives.

Accordingly, this guide should also assist the client when preparing a brief for inclusion in invitations for submissions of competitive fee proposals for such services by clearly defining the extent of service, exclusions, etc., as appropriate.

It is important to appreciate that an access assessment is only the first in a series of steps towards rectifying a non-compliant condition. Results can form part of the brief for the design of rectification works, which can then lead to the preparation of cost estimates and detailed contract documentation. Such subsequent outcomes may be the subject of commissions for other appropriately qualified parties.

With regard to the selection of the Access Consultant, clients should give consideration to the background and experience of the consultant, including ACAA accreditation, so as to best suit the nature of the particular project.

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