A patient complained that her dentist's surgery (which is leased) was difficult to enter because there are several granite steps leading up to the foyer and which have no handrail. She experiences problems of balance as a result of multiple sclerosis and therefore has difficulty walking up steps. The surgery is leased by the dentist.

When the patient raised her concerns with the surgery staff she was offered assistance if she phoned ahead that she was coming. She was dissatisfied with this solution and lodged a complaint with the Commission.

The Commission contacted the lessors (the owners) of the building, and they responded with a comprehensive proposal to enhance access to the foyer. This included the addition of handrails at either side (as suggested by the patient) and in the middle of the steps; the texturing of the surface of the steps to minimise the risk of slipping; and the application of white strips at the meeting edges of the automatic glass doors as a visual signifier of their position. The owners also agreed to complete the work immediately.

The complainant reported to the then HREOC now AHRC that she was delighted with the outcome and sought no further action.