A Bank Customer in a country town lodged a complaint with the then HREOC now the AHRC that he could not access his bank's ATMs after business hours. This was because he could only access them by a ramp and, because this was within the banking area, it and therefore the ATMs were unavailable after hours.

Proposed alternative options, for example by arranging ATM access via another bank's ATMs, were rejected by the Bank. Subsequently the Bank submitted a building development application to the Shire Council to install an accessible ATM in the front facade of the Bank. This proposal had been rejected by the Council some years earlier due to heritage concerns and anticipated other problems including those associated with queuing and other pedestrian movement in front of the Bank. A meeting was therefore held with the bank customer, the Bank, and council planning officers to discuss the proposed installation of the accessible ATM, and to discuss Council's earlier concerns with the proposal and other possible options.

Following this meeting Council approved the application. The customer has since advised the then HREOC that he is satisfied with the outcome.