Following the Australian Government released on the Review of the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards) Report and its Response to the Report on 3 March 2017, ACAA will be preparing a submission to lobby for the inclusion of Access Consultants in the process.

The universal design 2016 Conference report and some of the presentations are now available on this website link…

Associate members planning to upgrade are invited to undertake a sample online Practice Accreditation Test

These questions are not included in the Accreditation Test but are similar in scope and layout to those in the test. The aim of this sample test is to provide ACAA Associate members, who are eligible to undertake the Accreditation Test,an opportunity for to prepare for the test.

The following brief report on the accessibility of the main tourist destinations in Peru is based on our recent travels.

ACAA would like to congratulate Michael Small on being awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study overseas.

This article is to assist facility owners, managers and/or operators, who are seeking to engage a consultant to prepare a report on accessibility for a particular premises, in appreciating the range in depths of analysis possible.