Review of the Disability (Access to Premises – Building) Standards 2010 has commenced by the Australian Government - Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources.

This review has been called the 'discovery stage' with submissions now extended until 30 November 2020.

The second stage of the consultation process will draw upon the findings of the 'discovery phase' allowing more opportunity for detailed submissions.

Regulatory changes arising from the first review were tabled in Parliament on 6 October 2020 have now taken effect and can be found on this link

It is import you are familiar with these regulatory changes to Schedule 1 which are essentially editorial and pursuing consistency with the NCC. As there have been a number of changes since the Disability (Access to Premises Standards) was introduced most notably in areas like lifts, adult change facilities, etc.

The really important issues such as Access Panels, Unjustifiable Hardship, Performance Solutions, etc. are yet to be resolved.

The review closes on 30 November 2020

For more information, please refer to their website to ensure you have your say.