The lack of CPD opportunities due to the COVID-19 restrictions on group gatherings has all but dried up.
But have heart by getting imaginative there are a host of opportunities to explore.

Below are but a few:

  • We have been disabled: how the pandemic has proven the social model of disability - Nancy Doyle, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Write a feature articles in Access Insight (AI) - D2 Activity, 1 point/250words
  • You Tube – search specific access related topics (Be selective & critical of some content)

Documentary Evidence for completing any of these activities could be by signed Statutory Declaration detailing the title, URL, time spent, and points claimed. Alternatively, for instance the Podcast as an ACAA B3 activity approves 1 point per hour up to a max of 20 hours documentary evidence could be a Half A4/500word summary and learnings from viewing.