The feedback from the Accessible Housing Options Paper has been summarised into a Consultation Report for public review.

In September 2018, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) released the Accessible Housing Options Paper for public consultation. The Options Paper intended to provide a preliminary menu of options and costing on the possible inclusion of a minimum accessible standard for housing in the NCC. The Options Paper was supported by national consultation forums, held through October/November 2018. The forums provided an opportunity for stakeholders to have their say on accessible housing in-person, and have questions answered directly by representatives of the ABCB.
The ABCB received many valuable comments and contributions to the Options Paper and has now publicly released an Accessible Housing Options Paper Consultation Report to further improve awareness and understanding of the project. The report identifies considerations that will shape the next stage of this project, the Regulation Impact Statement, which is expected to commence soon.
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You can read an overview or check out the timeline for more information on the key dates and releases of the Accessible Housing Project.

Read Report - Accessible Housing Options Paper Consultation Report, April 2019