The ABCB Discussion Paper on the draft National Registration Framework for Building Practitioners (NRF) has developed a best practice model for adoption by state and territory governments that includes a wide range of professions that are involved in design, construction, compliance and coordination roles for the design and construction of buildings. The draft NRF includes Disability Access Designers.

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The 2019-2020 Management Committee of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) invites accredited members to nominate for positions on the Management Committee for 2020-2021.

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The lack of CPD opportunities due to the COVID-19 restrictions on group gatherings has all but dried up.
But have heart by getting imaginative there are a host of opportunities to explore.

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You invite you to participate in the Slips, Trips and Falls Conference Madrid 2020, which will be held in Madrid (Spain) on February 13-14, 2020.