ACAA conducts a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme so that each member can update their knowledge and improve their skills to better service client needs. Participation in the scheme is compulsory for all accredited members, and all associate members planning to upgrade to accredited status in the future.

All existing accredited and associate members and newly approved applicants can lodge their CPD Annual Activity Return on-line on the ACAA website by clicking the activity return link above.

Members can use the online Event Submission webpage at NO fee.

Members can download an electronic copy of the CPD Annual Activity Information Sheet and Return Form and/or return via post to 20 Maud St, Geelong, 3220; if desired. An Administration Fee of $100 now applies to CPD Annual Activity or Individual Returns received by post, email or fax to the Secretary. An application for an exemption from the fee will be considered by those unable to use the on-line self service by writing a formal letter to the ACAA.

Members will be randomly audited during a three year cycle to ensure Activity Returns have been kept. Documentary evidence to support the points claimed must be provided as part of the audit.

Affiliate members can also use the CPD Log if planning to upgrade in the future.
The Annual Activity Return must be completed and submitted annually at the time of membership renewal.
A member’s re-accreditation will include assessment by the Continuing Professional Development Committee of the details of their participation in this scheme.

Documentary evidence must be provided to support all points claimed. This could include copies of registration forms, reports, papers, Committee minutes, letters of appointment and the like.

Points will be awarded for various Approved Activities. Members should achieve an average of 40 points per year, but must achieve at least 20 points per year, and may accumulate up to 60 points in any one year. For continuing accreditation, members must achieve at least 120 points over any three year period. Accreditation will be valid for three years subject to the above CPD achievements and remain a financial member during this period.
Associate members must also achieve the above points over a 3 year period if seeking an accredited status.
Details of any special circumstances can be submitted for consideration of the CPD Committee.