Application Form

All applications for membership (or for a change in membership class) must be submitted on the appropriate Application Form


The appropriate Membership Fee must accompany the application.

In the event that an application for any class of membership is unsuccessful, the Membership Fee shall be refunded in full. This does not include the Accredited


It is essential that all information sought in the Application Form for the membership class being applied for has been provided. Consideration of an application cannot proceed if it is not.

Proposers and Seconders

All applications need to be proposed and seconded by Accredited Members of the Association. Applicants for Associate, Affiliate, or Corporate membership classes may request the Association’s Secretary to assist in this regard.

Proposers and Seconders have their own obligations, and Applicants need to be certain that their Proposer and Seconder are made aware of these obligations.  An information sheet setting out the

Guidelines for Proposers and Seconders for applications for ACAA Membership


Where required, Applicants for Accredited Membership must nominate a minimum of three referees. A referee is a person who can substantiate the applicants work experience in access, and vouch for their good character and proficiency. A suitable referee is a client, work colleague or associate who can verify an applicant's professional and personal attributes that support their ability to operate effectively as an access consultant. Referees for Accredited Membership must include at least two clients of the applicant.
The Association will always contact an Applicant's Referees.

An Applicant’s Proposer or Seconder, Employee, or Family member cannot be accepted as a nominated Referee.


Applicants for Accredited membership must be prepared to attend an interview if asked to do so. An interview may be conducted in person, via electronic communication, or both. Part of the assessment is the requirement for applicants to undertake an Accreditation Membership Test.
For more details, please see our Accreditation Test Information

Overseas Applicants

Persons who reside outside Australia are not usually accepted as Associate or Accredited members. If however, an Applicant is able to demonstrate that they do regularly perform access consulting work for Australian clients, then their application will be considered in the normal way.


All Applicants are advised that the time taken to process an application can vary. As a guide, an eight week period should be allowed; in some cases it may take longer.