The Association of Consultants in Access Australia offers two convenient ways to apply for new or upgraded membership. You may apply and pay online by Credit Card or you may download the application form, fill it in and send it back with your cheque, money order or a copy of your completed EFT payment attached.

  • Online application with online payment by credit card
  • Offline application with payment by cheque, money order or eft

Applications can take 4 - 8 weeks, or longer to process. Time is dependent on the number of applications being processed and the ease of contacting proposer/seconder & referees.

Online application (pay by credit card, cheque, money order or eft)

All applications for membership (or for a change in membership class) must be submitted on the appropriate online Application Form

Online application for Affiliate Membership

Online application for Associate Membership

Associate Members may login and Upgrade to Accredited Membership

Online application for Corporate Sponsors

Online application for Student Membership

Online application for Retired Membership

Offline application (pay by cheque, money order or eft)

You must complete both steps of this process in order for your application to be considered

  1. For Affililate, Associate, Accredited, student or Retired membership, please download the Membership Application Form
  2. For Corporate Sponsorship, please download the Corporate Sponsor Application Form
  3. Complete the Membership Application Form fully & collate all supporting documentation (zip the file, if emailing)
  4. Using our Method of Payments options either send a cheque, money order, or a copy of the EFT payment details with the application
  5. Send the completed Membership Application Form preferably by email to the Office Administrator, or post to address provided on the form