The base entry level to the Association for those practicing as Access Consultants is as an Associate. 

Membership ANNUAL Fee Schedule



Accredited Member $302.50
Associate Member $220.00  
Affiliate Member $121.00
Corporate Member $302.50
Retired Member $49.50
Student Member $49.50
Honorary Member*  -
Life Member*  -
Fellow $302.50

* Fee exempt

All Fees include GST and can be paid by the following methods...
Upon request, the Association will give serious consideration to vary or waive any fee.

Associates Upgrading to Accredited Membership

Associates applying to upgrade to an Accredited membership class are charged a one off, non-refundable fee of $1000.00 (GST inclusive) that includes the Accredited Membership Upgrade Fee of $500 and the Accredited Membership Testing Fee of $500.

A 50% Pro-rated Accredited Membership Upgrade Fee applies for applications received after 31 December each year but not to the test fee. The following financial year the full annual Accredited Member fee applies.

A range of criteria and information is used by the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) in determining the suitability of candidates for Accredited Membership of the Association. The Accredited Membership Test is designed for use as a tool to assist in this process. The test assists in assessing a candidate’s ability to practise competently as an Access Consultant. It is an open-book test designed for practitioners who have gained relevant skills and experience in the field of Access Consulting as determined by ACAA.

As from April 2012, all applicants for Accredited Membership are required to undertake the test.

Continuing Accredited Members Testing Requirement

As of 30 June 2012, Existing Accredited Members are required to undertake a Continuing Accreditation Membership Test for a once only fee of $500.00 (GST inclusive).

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A Testing Fee is not charged to Applicants for any other class of membership.